Hunters are allowed a bag limit of one alligator and, depending on the zone, it must meet a certain size restriction. If you have an alligator hunt on your mind, youll need to make a game plan as you have only a few options to get it done. Gator hunting is popular in Louisiana and there are plenty of guides. Data from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) showed Lake Seminole was one of the best for success rates and average gator length. Then he kills it with a bangstick, essentially a long stick that fires a round when he presses it to the top of the gators skull. As a result, several bowhunters sign up for the seasonal alligator bowhunting season to experience the hunting thrill like no other. You can also use the following popular hunting methods: Also, hunters can hunt wild alligators on private lands in Florida. The hunter must tag the animal immediately with a harvest tag provided by SCDNR for any of the alligator hunting programs. Alligators can be effectively hunted using .22 Magnum rifles. Get a closer look at the Smith & Wesson Model 350, the latest addition to our #SundayGunday series. Furthermore, they imposed a minimum size limit of not less than four feet. The cookie is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category "Other. With Jesse's legs and hands still visibly shaking, I asked her which was more exciting, shooting her first deer or gator? Being a licensed trapper means he gets to guide nuisance gator hunts within his region of the Florida Panhandle. Approximately 30 of line is tied off to the bottom of the structure while the baited hook end is suspended about 1-2 above the water surface. All Rights Reserved. A Florida police officer lassoed an alligator over the weekend amid a Sunday morning stroll. Morrell didn't have to squeeze my shoulder because I was already at full draw when the gator reached our boat. Hunting hours for alligators in Florida run from 5 p.m. to 10 a.m. Buy some goodheadlampsand be ready for a long, exciting night. Dont get discouraged if you miss. Twenty permits were issued to 1,800 hunters who applied. Bowhunter Editor and "Bowhunter TV" host Curt Wells visits with Josh Johnson of Spot Hogg at the 2023 Archery Trade Show in Indianapolis. There are a lot of alligators in the Sunshine State but permits can be expensive if you are drawn. // ]]> We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. With Tate calling, and the gator only 20 yards in front of the boat, I could tell Jesse was getting nervous. Success rates are high for prepared hunters. The HuntIn order to spot the gators, your guide or another person uses a q-beam to spot their eyes. The cookie is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category "Analytics". But, just like Morrell had rehearsed with her, with one squeeze Jesse drew, and by the time the gator was within 10 feet, Tate squeezed again and she fired. Gators hate noise, and any water hitting the sides of the boat can ruin a hunt. John Currier, an expert gator hunter from Louisiana, anchors a 1,000-pound-test line to a tree and hangs a baited hooktypically raw chickenabove the water from a PVC rod (you can use bamboo or fiberglass stakes too) and sticks it into the bank of a canal or swamp. If you are after a thrilling and one-of-a-kind challenging experience in your bowhunting career or hobby, consider hunting an alligator with your bow and arrow. License Fees: South Carolina hunting license, additional $100 for an alligator permit. Alligator hunters may use hook and line, bow and arrow, and firearms (except shotguns) to harvest alligators. But, even that beautifully produced, high-definition footage cant really depict how tiny the margin for error is when you point a gun at an alligator. You can tell an alligators size by the separation between its eyes. Articles may contain affiliate links which enable us to share in the revenue of any purchases made. Even if you know right where the kill spot is, not every shot on it will be equally effective. Go where others arent. Curt Wells can't pass up this opportunity to hunt mountain caribou in the Northwest Territories. Before anything else, check if your state legalizes bowhunting alligators. If possible, get two fish arrows in it. Hunting dangerous game with a bow is exciting, but having an alligator come directly toward you at only 10 feet is definitely a bowhunting rush. Others want to kill an alligator. How Many Twists Can You Put in a Recurve Bowstring? Bowfishing in Venice. Here are the following things to know if you plan to hunt alligators in Texas: They rarely give out a lot of alligator permits in Mississippi, and you are lucky enough if you get drawn. To get started, click the link below to visit and learn how to access your digital magazine. The bones of an alligator's skull are very dense and may be lodged in the animal's brain. Provided by Ryan Longer. If you hit the alligator in the belly it will thrash around and can do a lot of damage. They are most prevalent in the southern two-thirds of the state, south of the U.S. 82 highway. With a little homework you can find the hunt that is right for you. The state's record book gator stretched some 14' 3 " and tipped the scales at 654-pounds. Remember that you have a small target to aim at, and being off just an inch could result in a wounded but not dead gator. In dispatching an alligator, you do it via a bang stick or handgun. The season bag limit in Mississippi is only two and better yet, book a guide as soon as you get drawn since they fill up quickly. [CDATA[ Hunter Accused of Killing 2 Pet Dogs Mistaken for Coyotes, How to Beat Target Panic with Levi Morgan. Upon receipt, the tag must be permanently affixed to the alligator within 10 inches of the tip of the . You can use archery gear, bang sticks, or handguns to dispatch the animal. If you do not have access to a tranquilizer gun, you can use a shotgun or rifle to shoot the gator from a safe distance. . But, if a good sized gator dives and doesnt reappear right away, they arent going far and are worth waiting for. Patience also comes in handy as you will most likely have a few blown stalks before you successfully arrow a gator. Nonresidents can also apply, but they can expect to pay $1,034. Coming tight on a bull redfish is a rush. It is vital to remember that it is your responsibility as a hunter to practice the legal techniques for hunting alligators. After you have narrowed down which state is best for you, contact guides or do further research if you are planning a DIY hunt. Theres a chance that the alligator will spot you instead and swim away. If youre objective is to get the alligator out of the water and into your boat, you want to slow the beast down, not motivate it to fight harder. Its unlawful to take an alligator by means of firearms from, in, on, across or over public water. Although my 6' 4" gator was a little bit smaller than my daughter's, the experience was huge! For a permit that costs less than a $50, hunters have the opportunity to hunt wild alligators on private property. I am here to tell you (and for the record I think the reels are a pia) that I haven't found anything the allows you to consistently shoot groups at the distances the reels . We considered the do-it-yourself option, but determined too much could go seriously wrong. It seems to me the bow and arrow would be most challenging! Published Nov 2, 2020 6:24 PM EST. The only legal method is to secure the animal via restraining line and dispatch via handgun or bang stick. When the gator takes the bait, it gets caught on the hook. For instance, some states require you to obtain license fees and apply for gator tags before you can hunt. Here in Florida, you can only hunt gators at night, so youre contending with the darkness, driving the airboat over submerged stumps that could throw you into the water, and freak storms you cant predict, says Bill Booth, co-host of Swamp People: Serpent Invasion. The gargantuan and prehistoric reptile was . Bowhunting Alligators How, Why, and Where to Hunt? You can achieve this shot if the alligator is facing away and you are following behind it. Heres an illustration of the angle needed for a clean kill on the first shot: Through stunning videography and super slow motion sequences depicting the final seconds of an alligators life, Swamp People does an amazing job of portraying the courage and skill required to catch and bag these monstrous carnivores. Alligator hunters may use hook and row, bow and arrow, and firearms (except shotguns) to harvest alligators. It's just like playing tug-of-war." Once you spot the alligator, the scenario would be that youll harpoon it using your bow, pull the alligator, and use a broadhead or bang stick to finish off the animal. Gators, especially large ones, can hold their breath for periods of more than an hour. (Red Stakes) Age 11-16; Magnification, clarifier, or . After shooting the gator with a .410 shotgun, Cory Moore used a Bowie knife to ensure the spinal cord had been severed. Go with a guide or someone with experience in bowhunting alligators. At this time there is no scheduled hunt listed in North Carolina. This gator target was a feat. The best place to hunt alligators depends on your budget and accessibility. Hunters are selected by a preference-based computer drawing and may apply online beginning May 1 of each year. The cookie is set by the GDPR Cookie Consent plugin and is used to store whether or not user has consented to the use of cookies. However it can take a long time for an alligator to die if you hit it in the spine so it's important to be very careful. At this point, the gator was totally dispatched. Russell also mentioned that gators 10 feet and up will more than likely be males as females rarely reach that mark. For the hog portion of this hunt I . The reptile, whose size is at . Hence, alligator hunting in Florida can be expensive compared to other states. If your state allows bowhunting alligators, the next step would be to take note of the regulations you need to follow. As Jesse slowly started to pull the line into the boat, the gator reached the surface, saw us, slapped its tail, and took off again. Things are going to happen fast. After taking lots of photos of Jesse's 8', 8" gator, we headed back to the hotel for some well-deserved sleep. No use of bait is allowed. I shoot a crossbow for gators an have harvested more then most. Firearms may be used to take alligators only on private property. If you are hiring a guide, expect to pay in the neighborhood of $2,500 for a hunt. Non-resident fee is $200, in addition to those costs. Possession of shotguns is prohibited while hunting or taking wild alligators. And even though I didn't have time to turn on my lighted sights, Morrell's headlamp shined just enough for me to see and use my top pin to shoot and my arrow went completely through the gator. Spearguns. If you are now determined to hunt the alligator you spotted, it would be wise to shoot the animal on its back for an ethical and instant kill. As hunters, you can only hunt alligators if you secure the proper permit, license, and other necessary documents that will allow you to hunt them legally. You spot the gator you want to harvest, harpoon it using your bow, pull him in, and use either a bang stick or a broad head to expire the gator. Redding Reloading Equipment has added a New 3-Die Set for the 300 HAMRa bottleneck cartridge based on a modified .223 Remington case necked up to 30-caliber. An alligator has one vulnerable spot for a shot, at the back of the head where the spinal cord can be hit behind the thick skull. Permits can be applied for beginning mid-May. This hunting season does not allow the shooting of unsecured alligators, even on private land. var sc_security="efab815e"; Baited hooks can be left overnight but a gator cannot be taken off the line after dark. If you plan to hunt, whether that may be in a hunting . The cookies is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category "Necessary". Setting the hook on a big muskie is thrilling. Do not use a broadhead unless you are going to shoot for the soft spot behind the head. By clicking Accept, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. Each state has different regulations, so check with the states Division of Natural Resources in which you will be hunting for how and when to apply. It can all happen in a flash, so keep your eyes peeled. List of Weapons to use for each animal type to get Perfect Pelts in RDR2. For instance, you may need a spool loaded with no less than a 400 lb test line to reload quickly for a second shot. Did you know that the line they . They do not entertain applicants with ages lower than 16. As always, Hunt Strong and enjoy the experience. The next day it rained even harder. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Share this on Facebook (opens in new window), Share this on Twitter (opens in new window). It may take all night before you get the opportunity on a gator you want to harvest. Ricky Brule shows Bowhunter Magazine Editor Curt Wells the new Gen Integrate 8 and 8X Series arrow rests from Vapor Trail Archery. It is unlawful to shoot at or kill an unrestrained alligator. Hermes, among other brands, manufactures alligator skins for bags. State law allows the transfer of tags as long as the tag owner is present. Aiming directly behind the eyes, Jesse slammed the bang stick into the gator's skull. But, in the season finale, when he kills 10 alligators with 10 bullets, we were witness to something really special. Attached at the end of your arrow is not a broad head, but a harpoon, and attached to the harpoon is a long nylon string which is tied to a buoy. Be ready for some action and challenges in a way you have never been challenged. Developed in 1976 by Ken Waters as a wildcat cartridge, the 7-30 Waters is based on the .30-30 Winchester necked down to 7mm to improve velocity and trajectory, with a significant drop off in felt recoil. Mississippi does not give out a lot of gator permits, but if you happen to get drawn there is the possibility of getting a true trophy. One alligator was killed that year. Here are a couple photos showing the location of an alligators brain with still images taken from the video: But, an alligator comes equipped with a very thick skull that protects his thinking muscle from above and from the side, and as a result, you have to come at it from a little bit further back. "The light . "It's a hunt-fish mix," says Clint Meadows of Nashville who got hooked on the sport eight years ago and has taken a 50-pound carp and a 45-pound buffalo. Here is an amazing virtual 3D video put together by the The 3D Alligator Project at Ohio University and the University of Missouri showing the anatomical structure of the head and skull of the American alligator. The cost of hunting gators in Louisiana is a little less expensive than some other states, but there is a downside. Aim for the back of its skull, which is above its spine. Craft these in the gang's camp or in the field via your Items wheel. The Bow RigYour setup is as follows: the arrow you will use is much heavier and longer than an arrow you hunt with. The Buyer's Guide to Crossbow Nocks: 5 Things to Look for. Copyright 2023 Archery Heaven on the Foodie Pro Theme. The teenager's parents recruited the help . "Just like buck fever, some hunters can't handle the pressure and are rendered . Joe Genzel Research the different states that allow gator hunting., Season: Early August early October (depending on zone), License Fees: Residents $25, Non-resident landowners $125, Non-residents $150. "I've had experienced hunters who have taken Africa's Big 5 completely freeze up on a gator and not shoot," Morrell said. Here are nine states where pursuing your dream of killing an alligator can become a reality.
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